The micro ecosystem is rapidly growing but there’s still a lot to do.

The features page keeps track of the most important or noteworthy features.


Micro is a toolkit to query and access microservices

  • API Gateway as a single http entry point
  • Web Dashboard to visualise services
  • CLI for command line access
  • Bot to query via Slack or HipChat
  • New template generation to get started quickly

Go Micro

Go Micro helps you write microservices

  • Abstracts away distributed systems
  • Service discovery, rpc, pubsub, message encoding
  • Fault tolerant with timeouts, retries and load balancing
  • Extensible functionality via wrappers
  • Pluggable interfaces to swap out backend technologies

Go Config

Go Config manages the complexity of config

  • Dynamic - load config on the fly as you need it
  • Pluggable - choose which source to load from; file, envvar, consul
  • Mergeable - merge and override multiple config sources
  • Fallback - specify fallback values where keys don’t exist
  • Observable - Watch the config for changes

Go Plugins

  • Plugins for go-micro/micro
  • Includes most popular backend technologies
  • grpc, kubernetes, etcd, kafka, etc
  • Battle tested in production