Micro health is a healthchecking sidecar

The service healthchecker is a http sidecar which runs at http://localhost:8088/health and queries your service health via rpc.


The micro health checker provides a http endpoint at http://localhost:8088/health which queries a backend service rpc endpoint Debug.Health when the http endpoint is called. This is useful inside environments like kubernetes where you need to run some sort of external healthcheck.

Run Health

Start the health server (Runs on port :8088) and specify the service/address to check

micro health --check_service=go.micro.srv.greeter --check_address=localhost:9090

Now query http://localhost:8088. It should return 200 OK.

Check Health

Additonally you can check health from the command line as an RPC call

micro health check go.micro.srv.greeter