Turn anything into a micro service

Turn anything into a micro service. Micro provides a way of encapsulating anything to become a service.


Micro is a runtime which manages microservices. The command line micro service encapsulates any app or service making it accessible within the micro ecosystem. The below example is for a basic http app.


Here’s a simple http hello world app

package main

import (

func main() {
	http.HandleFunc("/", func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
		w.Write([]byte(`hello world`))
	http.ListenAndServe(":9090", nil)

Start the service using micro

micro service --name helloworld --endpoint http://localhost:9090 go run main.go

Query the service via the cli

micro call -o raw helloworld /

File Server

Serve a file back to the caller

The file /tmp/helloworld.txt


Run the service

micro service --name helloworld --endpoint file:///tmp/helloworld.txt

Get the file

micro call -o raw helloworld .

Exec script

Execute a script or command remotely


echo `date` hello world
micro service --name helloworld --endpoint exec:///tmp/hellworld.sh
micro call -o raw helloworld .