M3O is a serverless microservices platform


M3O is a soon to be released serverless platform for microservices development in the cloud and beyond. It will remove the hassle of managing infrastructure and the complexity of cloud-native by providing a fully managed platform for Micro services.


The M3O platform will include the following features:

  • Global service deployment - Services will run globally by default in a multi-cloud environment

  • Auto configuration - Services will be auto configured with the required registry, broker, etc

  • Simplified debugging - Stats, logs and tracing will be available in an easy and clean way for every service

  • Connect from anywhere - Ability to connect and extend the network beyond the platform. Run services locally or in your own cloud.

Getting Started

Join the #platform channel on slack to discuss more. We’ll be revealing the details soon for an invite-only beta.

To run your own self-hosted version of the platform go to GitHub.