Services offered by the M3O platform


The M3O platform is a service platform for microservices development. It’s built on the open source project Micro and the framework Go Micro.

The platform provides global auto-deployment and configuration, simplified debugging and a connect from anywhere experience. It includes all the features you’ve come to love from Micro and Go Micro.


The platform provides the following services

  • Runtime - Service deployment
  • Registry - Service discovery
  • Broker - Asynchronous pubsub messaging
  • Proxy - Service to service proxy for gRPC communication
  • Store - Distributed key-value storage
  • Debug - Stats, logs and tracing for debugging
  • Auth - User and service authentication and authorization
  • Events - Event streaming and timeseries storage


When using the Go Micro framework your microservices are automatically configured to use the platform with all of the services above. Simply import the desired package and make use of it with zero code changes.

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