micro proxy

The micro proxy is a cli proxy.

The micro proxy provides a http api which serves as a proxy for the cli where an environment is not directly accessible.

Getting Started



go get -u github.com/micro/micro


The proxy uses go-micro which means it depends on service discovery.

Install consul

brew install consul
consul agent -dev


The micro proxy runs on port 8081 by default.

Start the proxy

micro proxy


Serve securely by default using ACME via letsencrypt

MICRO_ENABLE_ACME=true micro proxy

Optionally specify a host whitelist

MICRO_ENABLE_ACME=true MICRO_ACME_HOSTS=example.com,api.example.com micro proxy 

Proxy CLI

To use the proxy with the CLI specify it’s address

MICRO_PROXY_ADDRESS= micro list services
MICRO_PROXY_ADDRESS= micro call greeter Say.Hello '{"name": "john"}'