Micro Web provides a dashboard to visualise and explore services

The web dashboard provides a visual tool for explorings services and a built-in web proxy for web based micro services.


micro web

Browse to localhost:8082


The micro web dashboard supports ACME via Let’s Encrypt. It automatically gets a TLS certificate for your domain.

micro --enable_acme web

Optionally specify a host whitelist

micro --enable_acme --acme_hosts=example.com,api.example.com web

Set TLS Certificate

The dashboard supports serving securely with TLS certificates

micro --enable_tls --tls_cert_file=/path/to/cert --tls_key_file=/path/to/key web

Web Services

The web dashboard has a built-in proxy for web services. This is the idea of building web applications as micro services which you can do via the go-micro/web package.


Web services are much like API services in the sense that they are namespaced. The default namespace is “go.micro.web”.

When a request such as /foo hits the web proxy, it will route to the service go.micro.web.foo. This is what your service should be called; namespace + path.