The simplest way to build, share and collaborate on microservices

Micro empowers developers to build microservices in the cloud and beyond without worrying about managing the infrastructure.

Micro is built with a developer first focus 👨‍💻

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(pronounced "em-3-oh")

A microservices platform

M3O is a serverless platform for Micro services development. A fully managed environment in the Cloud which enables developers to focus on building products rather managing infrastructure.

Teams and individuals should feel empowered to build software at an accelerated pace without friction or limitations, to create the future of technology we all want and need.

Micro is redefining the way we build software by focusing entirely on the needs of developers and providing an environment in which we can realise the true potential of the cloud.

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We believe trust is created through open innovation


Micro is built as open source software


A Go microservices development framework

Go Micro is a drastically simpler way to build microservices and distributed systems in any environment. We take an opinionated approach with pluggable interfaces and sane defaults.

The simplest, fastest and easiest way to build microservices.

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A microservice runtime environment for the Cloud

Build, run and manage micro service applications with ease. Micro provides a platform to simplify microservice development including an API gateway, service proxy, slack bot, web dashboard and CLI.

Build applications in the same way in every environment.

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An open source ecosystem

Leverage open source micro services, plugins and tools built and managed by the community. The explorer makes it easy to search for existing micro based projects.

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A global developer network


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Be part of a vibrant community of developers all learning and working together. Thousands of people collaborating to build services using Micro.

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