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Simplifying distributed systems development

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What is Micro?

Micro is an ecosystem which provides the fundamental building blocks for developing and managing distributed systems. Technology is rapidly evolving. Cloud computing now gives us almost unlimited scale, however leveraging that scale with existing tools is still difficult. Micro attempts to solve this problem with a developer first focus.


A pluggable RPC framework

Build and manage distributed applications with ease. Go-micro provides an opinionated framework for developing microservices with a pluggable architecture.

We have plugins for your favourite technologies; consul, etcd, kubernetes, grpc, kafka, rabbitmq and many more.

A microservice toolkit

Access and manage your microservices platform from anywhere. The Micro toolkit builds on the go-micro framework and provides traditional entry points for serving apps; http api gateway, web ui, slack bot, cli.

Micro is runtime agnostic so run it on your favourite platform.

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Speed, Scale, Agility

Leverage technology as a competitive advantage at any scale, and let Micro deal with the complexities of distributed systems so you can focus on what's really important.


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