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Micro is an open global services network which empowers you to develop microservices in the cloud and beyond without the hassle of managing infrastructure.

Micro is built with a developer first focus.

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curl -fsSL | /bin/bash


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What we're building


A global microservices network

Micro is a global shared services platform for developers by developers. For the past few years cloud-native technology has added significant complexity to software development and largely increased the barrier to entry for developers to get started.

Building services in the cloud should be getting vastly easier not harder.

Small teams and individual developers should feel empowered to build software at an accelerated pace but instead are forced to reason about infrastructure and operations. We as developers need to do something to change the narrative.

Micro is redefining the way we build software by focusing entirely on the needs of developers and providing a collaborative environment in which we can realise the potential of the cloud.

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Micro is powered by open source software


A microservice development runtime

Build and manage micro service applications with ease. Micro provides a platform to simplify microservice development including an API gateway, service proxy, slack bot, web dashboard and CLI.

Build applications in the same way in every environment.

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The micro ecosystem

Leverage open source micro services, plugins and tools built and managed by the community. The explorer makes it easy to search for existing micro based projects.

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