Micro is simplifying cloud-native development. The docs should help you get started.


Micro addresses the key requirements for building cloud-native systems. It takes the microservice architecture pattern and transforms it into a set of tools which act as the building blocks for scalable platforms. Micro hides the complexity of distributed systems and provides well understood concepts to developers.

Get Started

Start writing services using go-micro.


The main piece of software provided is Micro, a cloud-native toolkit.

The toolkit is composed of the following features:

  • api - API Gateway. A single HTTP entry point. Dynamic routing using service discovery.

  • web - Web Gateway and dashboard. Build web apps as microservices.

  • cli - Command line interface. Describe, query and interact directly from the terminal.

  • bot - Slack and hipchat bot. The CLI via messaging.

  • new - New template generation for services.

  • proxy - A proxy for remote environments.

Micro builds on go-micro, making it a pluggable toolkit.

Learn more

Navigate through the documentation to learn more, check out the resources below or try out some examples.


  • Read the blog for a deeper look at micro and broader microservice ideas.
  • Watch the video on Simplifying Microservices with Micro presented at Golang UK Conf 2016.
  • View the slides for various presentations on speakerdeck.


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